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October 9, 2012

Attention everyone! Fall is upon us!

You should know that this statement is a recurring one in my mind as I am thinking about fall recipes, fall clothing, fall weather, fall activities, fall holidays, fall soup and fall stew… oh, the stew.

Fall is my favorite season and it’s a time to get things done!

My goals:
-Practice my photography skills (learn how to properly work my camera)
-Get a pumpkin, carve a pumpkin, roast pumpkin seeds, EAT pumpkin seeds
-Boeuf Bourguignon
-Make pumpkin pie
-Pumpkin-shaped, orange-frosted, sugar-sprinkled sugar cookies for Halloween. Back to basics.
-Ride my bike as often as possible! No excuses!
-Start conversations and be more outgoing.
-Sweet Potato a day. Life rule.
-Savory Biscuits. Savory Scones.
-Try pureed soup. (I don’t have to see every ingredient for it to taste good.)
-Remember that it is okay to make mistakes. There will be other opportunities.
-Count my blessings, name them one by one.
-Enjoy this lovely season and stay positive!

Ready, set, let’s dive in!

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