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Cranberry Apple Oat Bake

December 28, 2012


Even though entries on this blog are not posted regularly, I have what seems to be a million pictures of baked goods on my computer. They sit in iPhoto, ready to be brought to Aperture to be edited. Once they are looking nice, I have a lack of inspiration about what to say about them. Now that is not saying that they were not tasty, they were scrumptious, they were the best cupcakes ever. I am just saying that most time it is easier to share my love of the food through the picture instead of through words. I am trying to find my voice in this blog and it is a hard thing to find. That being said, maybe my voice is through my photography. Am I changing the format of this blog to just food photography without an explanation about the recipe? – possibly. We will see what happens over time. I apologize if this post is a downer and seems repetitive, my thoughts are not being quite clear. But as for now I am giving you pictures of fruit and oats. And ice cream. Dessert for breakfast. Enjoy.









Recipe from Joy the Baker

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  1. March 7, 2013 4:20 pm

    Gluten-free! Yay!

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