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Strawberry Meyer Lemon Napoleons

March 8, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt and Uncle in San Diego. It was a wonderful trip but my favorite part was the food. As my Aunt is a foodie just like me, we bonded over recipes, french toast she made for breakfast, and a dinner we made for friends. It included homemade pasta, fresh tomato sauce, chicken marsala, ginger ice cream, and a lemon tart.


The lemon tart was one of my favorite desserts that I have ever eaten. It included a pate sucree crust, lemon mousse, and fresh berries. The lemon mousse was a simple lemon curd with whipped cream folded into it. It produced a light and fluffy lemon mixture reminiscent of a cloud. Amazing!

My Aunt also told me how she makes Napoleons, which turns out to be very simple. Puff pastry and anything else that you would like to fill them with.

For this dessert, I chose to mix the delicious flavors of our lemon tart with the simple directions of how to make Napoleons.

I layered mine with a lemon mousse, strawberry jam, and fresh whipped cream. I topped them with fresh whipped cream, toasted almonds, and powdered sugar.

Napoleons may be my new favorite pastry. So simple and so delicate, they are amazing! Enjoy!


Strawberry Meyer Lemon Napoleons makes 4 napoleons (each 7 layers)

1 box puff pastry
lemon pudding

strawberry jam
heavy whipping cream
powdered sugar
sliced almonds

Cut puff pastry into 14 rectangles. Cook according to package instructions until lightly browned and puffed up.
Whip heavy cream until firm and fold half the whip cream into lemon pudding. Now you have lemon mousse! Set aside remaining whipped cream.
Once puff pastry is cooled, cut each rectangle in half so you have 28 puff pastry pillows.
Layer puff pastry with toppings. (I layered lemon pudding, strawberry jam, whipped cream, lemon, strawberry, whipped cream.)
Top each napoleon with a drop of whipped cream, powdered sugar, and sliced almonds.
Best eaten the day made but can be kept in fridge for up to two days.

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